On November 22 at one o´clock, we will have a bakesale outside the Teachers room in primary and secondary, for one of the most important causes of all, education. This is very important since research proves that education makes the chance of rape and child marriage so much smaller and also is the way out of poverty. Especially for girls who are a clear minority at schools in many poor countries. So why not do something good for a girl? With the help of ActionAid we will try to raise 33 euros at a minimum, because that is what it costs to provide a girl with a whole year of education. So why not give yourself a treat while helping a good cause?
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  • Alicia Kastö Alicia Kastö

    Thank you to all of you who visited the charity event! together we raised 101 euros for girls education! Fantastic! Also a big thank you to my grandparents who gave 100 kr (ca 10 euro). thank you all for your kindness this will change many lives!

  • Alicia Kastö Alicia Kastö

    Thank you so much everyone that bought something or sold at the bakesale. It was a huge success! We got together 78.10 Euro! that is more than we ever dared to hope for.

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