Stop Female Genital Mutilation And Child Marriage

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Irina Miklashevskaya
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Stop Female Genital Mutilation And Child Marriage

Hi Angels i need your help <3

First time i heard about Female genital Mutilation, i was in 15 years old..( i,m going to be 31 in november) its much better but still happening in 45 countrys 3 million a year.. 8000 girls/women per day is in danger zone...its make me so mad, sad, and i don´t want to lose hope that this is not possible to eliminate. The saddest thing is that in this tradition this little girls that is not more then 12 and in worst case 4 years old have to after Female genital mutilation get married to much.. much older man.. because of bad ekonomi in the family, or because its embarrassing for the family not follow the tradition like everyone els. If they do its on women its mostly because woman cant enjoy love more then a man. Sick don´t you think, :´(

With Actionaid and other organisations we can MAKE this tradition eliminate for good! Actionaid making this happened with help off us all, people who is already on spot, spreading information by media, in schools starting debatt and so on. Actionaid with your help can help this girls/women to get to a Safe Home where they can hide get security, get education and have a normal healthy lives with future. I believe you agree with me don´t you… :)

You can help with how much you want, every penny makes a difference… And i have my hopes up to make this goal for the next year, 6 of november is my birthday and i really don´t want any other present then we all making this goal together to help this girls/women around the world.

I also want to give everyone who donate a gift, leave your e-mail and i will personally send you a beautiful modell photo of me in painting style :) and many many thanks… <3
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